Ethical, Innovative And Caring

Learn About Me. Learn About My Work.

Before becoming a lawyer, I worked in mental health, and I saw how people faced injustices they couldn’t overcome alone. As an immigrant and person of color, I learned a great deal about how the system is set up to favor some people over others. Now that I am a lawyer, I do what I can to help.

My name is Ashok Bail, and at my firm,  The Bail Law Firm, I practice federal & private sector employment law and labor law nationally and throughout the state of Texas. I put my full emphasis on my clients’ needs and focus fully on getting results for them. I’ve spent 18 years pursuing the justice my clients deserve. To learn more about my background and experience, follow the link below:

I Want To Be On Your Team

I take on cases of people facing the larger civil injustices of employment law and discrimination. I have the hands-on experience to understand what it is my clients face. I don’t talk to you like a lawyer. I talk to you like a person. I treat you like you understand the stakes. And I work with you. We’re in this together.

A Client-Centered Approach

When a client visits me for the first time, I know that it might be the first time the client has spoken to anyone interested in helping them with their legal issues. Because I know how hard that is to ask for help, I listen closely.

One of the most amazing compliments I have ever gotten for my work comes from a former client of mine:

“I want you to know that I really appreciate your hard work in reaching a settlement, and to tell you that although this was a long and difficult process, working with you was the most enjoyable part of it.”

When You’re Ready, Talk To Me

I know it’s not always easy to ask for help and your problems aren’t always simple. I want to help you take back some control of your life. Call my office in Houston at 832-616-7545 or send an email using this form.