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Insight Into Matters Of Disability Discrimination

People with disabilities often feel invisible. It is especially difficult for a person with a disability to feel heard in the workplace; these people often face challenges that non-disabled people simply don’t understand. If you are facing discrimination in the workplace, you don’t have to face it alone.

My name is Ashok Bail. For nearly two decades, I have provided my clients with skilled legal representation in Texas disability claims. For the last ten years, I have been confined to a wheelchair and I understand the difficulties those with disabilities face. I know what you’re experiencing and I want to help you move forward.

Disability Discrimination Is Common

The fact is many employers implicitly discriminate against employees with disabilities, whether they realize it or not. Many workplaces across Houston are simply not created with people with disabilities in mind, and often, Texas employers will shy away from hiring anyone with a disability.

It is illegal for any employer to use your disability status as a reason to:

  • Not hire you
  • Terminate or suspend you
  • Refuse to train you on a task
  • Deny you a promotion

If you are interviewing for a job or are currently working somewhere, you and your employer must have a frank, real discussion about reasonable accommodations to help you complete your work. Anything less is a violation of the law.

Caring, Insightful Representation

Because I have the experience of being a person of color and having a disability, I am well aware of how the world is often stacked against people. I go to great lengths to let my clients know I am there for them and will listen to their struggles and work with them to find a way forward.

Call my office, The Bail Law Firm in Houston to speak with me about the possible discrimination you have faced. I want to know what you experienced so I can help craft a plan to help you. Call 832-616-7545 or send me an email using this form.