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Fighting Employment Discrimination In Texas

In spite of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Texas Commission on Human Rights that outlaw most forms of discrimination in the workplace, discrimination remains a problem among Texas employers. Decisions about compensation, hiring, promotions and termination are still influenced by unlawful discrimination. If you believe your employment was affected by any of the following types of discrimination, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against your employer:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Race or national origin
  • Religion discrimination
  • Gender or sexual orientation

As an employee, you are also protected against retaliation from your employer if you registered a complaint concerning discrimination.

Recognizing Sexual Harassment At Work

Sexual harassment is not confined to just unwelcome sexual advances, but also includes anything that makes the workplace a hostile work environment. This means any actions that create a threatening environment, prevent or make it difficult for employees to perform their job duties. Examples of actions that create hostile work environments include sexually suggestive comments, unwelcome sexual advances and sex-related actions that make an employee feel threatened or uncomfortable based on their gender or sexual orientation. If you believe you are the victim of sexual harassment at work, contact my office to schedule a free initial consultation.

Taking On Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

As a person of color, I’ve been the subject of a great deal of racism, especially as an immigrant. These are some of the most toxic and harmful situations to contend with, and you do not deserve to experience them, especially not at work.

My name is Ashok Bail, and at my firm, the The Bail Law Firm, I represent workers in Houston facing racial discrimination. My clients often come to me with concerns that Texas law doesn’t protect them or allows their employers free rein regarding their employment. However, you have options, and I want to help you understand them.

Common Forms Of Racial Discrimination

It’s not uncommon to face racial prejudice in any part of your life when you’re a person of color. It can be hard to get people to acknowledge your struggles, but I’ve been there, and so I know that racial discrimination can take many forms. There are obvious examples of racism, such as:

  • Racial slurs
  • Offensive comments
  • Displaying racially charged symbols or comics
  • Retaliating against employees who complain about racism in the workplace
  • Telling racist jokes in the workplace

But there are also more insidious forms that don’t occur in front of an employee. Losing out on promotions, raises or preferable work assignments on the basis of race all count as forms of discrimination. You can take action against this. It’s important to mention that your boss doesn’t have to be white for them to discriminate against you.

I Will Fight For You

For nearly two decades, I have fought to help people facing racial discrimination take a stand. These are difficult cases, but I will be with you throughout. I take your struggles personally and treat you with the respect you deserve.

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